The Seven Wastes

Posted by Dick Daniels on August 26th , 2011 in leadership development, six sigma

Effective leaders are always looking for ways to improve products, services, or processes. How might you apply any of the seven wastes to your leadership, your team, or your organization? Read on... Read More

Ask Yourself Four Questions

Posted by Dick Daniels on August 24th , 2011 in leadership development

Yes, it just comes down to four questions that effective leaders must continue to ask themselves and ask each of their team members. Yes, let them also consider the four questions and then listen to their answers! They may see things in a way that you often miss. Read More

Formulas for Succession Planning

Posted by Dick Daniels on May 18th , 2011 in leadership development, onboarding, personal coaching, succession planning

Succession planning is more of a process than an event. Invest the time in the process and the event becomes a time to celebrate the return on your investment. Read More

The 31 Leadership Tensions

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 25th , 2011 in leadership development, leadership tensions

These 31 points of creative tension for leaders are as much an art as they are a science. There is rarely a "perfect" answer... Read More

Counter-Intuitive or Intuitive Ideas About People

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 24th , 2011 in leadership development

The assumptions about people determine the kind of corporate culture and climate that leaders shape... Read More

Leading Your Corporate Culture

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 8th , 2011 in corporate culture, leadership development

Culture and climate are two ideas leaders need to understand and own. Take responsibility for the culture and climate of your company and the return on investment will make a profound impact in driving your strategic business outcomes! Read More