The Payback of Investing in People

Posted by Dick Daniels on January 25th , 2012 in bench development, building talent pools, leadership development, talent management

How often have you said (or heard it said), "People are our greatest asset?" It is the right thing to say from a human resource perspective of corporate priorities. I have not spoken with any C-Level leader who disagrees with the value of developing their emerging leaders and high potential team members. The question I am asked most often in this down economy is: "What's the return on investment if we do." That question implies the need for cautious leaders to carefully manage limited resources...for the time being. As a result, companies pull back on doing the very thing that will build a talent pool resulting in greater productivity today as well as creating a leadership pipeline for new opportunities tomorrow. So, let's take a look at the hard data and see what the payback is...if any! Read More