The Rule of Seven

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 11th , 2012 in Center for Creative Leadership, Leadership Development

The Center for Creative Leadership has identified 94 competencies in its research on effective leadership. When I am asked which competency is the most important I always say "communication." It is foundational to teams that are engaged, aligned, and highly productive. The Rule of Seven is always a personal challenge: Communicate seven different times in seven different ways. Have you considered how to improve the quality of expressing your ideas each of those seven times? Let's get started! Read More

Let's Talk About You...

Posted by Dick Daniels on September 7th , 2011 in Center for Creative Leadership, leadership development

If you are not attending to your own professional development don't expect your team to reach their capacity either. In this post you will have an opportunity to consider 18 research-based leadership skills (areas of personal competencies). So, let's get started... Read More