The Social Graces of Memorable Leaders

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 16th , 2012 in Memorable Leaders, corporate social graces, effective leaders, leadership development, soft skills

There is the human side of leadership that parallels the strategic side. These soft skills of leading either reinforce or inhibit the hard skills of leading effectively. In the urgency of demands and the limits of our capacity we can err on the side of assuming that our effectiveness on the hard side will compensate for ignoring the soft side of leading. Not so... Read More

Two Leadership Words

Posted by Dick Daniels on January 3rd , 2012 in effective leaders, leadership development

Leadership is the combination of positive influence and effective action. In this post I would like you to consider two words that great leaders say consistently and genuinely. The two simple words are at the core of positive influence. Say them often and they become part of the pathway to effective action. Read More