The Leadership Capacity Quotient

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 19th , 2012 in Leadership Capacity, accountable coaching, genetic wiring, intentional learning, leadership development, professional drive, professional opportunity, strengths finder, time management

Add...Subtract...Multiply...Divide = Leadership Capacity

Leadership capacity determines your ability to lead at higher levels of organizational complexity.  Why are some ready for that next level of leadership while others are not...yet? Consider six factors that influence your current capacity:

1.  Genetic wiring - Review your profile on any number of assessments:  StrengthsFinder, DISC, MBTI, EI.  Your unique combination of results tells a personal story.  Your profile represents a package of skills and tendencies that may lend themselves to leading at higher and higher levels of organizational complexity...or not!  Does that limit leadership to those with a certain mix?  Not at all.  People of varying profiles find themselves in positions of leadership.  Every leader must review the points at which their personal profile will enhance or inhibit what is required at the next level of leadership opportunity.  The leadership development challenge is to leverage the enhancements and manage the inhibitors.  Do you know your profile?

2.  Season of life - If balance provides a healthy goal for all of us, then there are seasons that allow us the choice to exercise greater leadership capacity.  It raises the question of time and energy.  If you choose to push your capacity to the next level, then what is the tradeoff?  What are you giving up or choosing not to do in the place of greater professional responsibilities?  Does the return on investment justify the tradeoff?  In some seasons it will, and in other seasons of life it may not.  What season are you in?

3.  Professional drive - Some personality types are more driven, more competitive, and more committed to this professional aspect of their lives.  Greater capacity is the result of a drive to grow in ways that allow you to maximize the personal wiring represented in your profile.  How driven are you?

4.  Professional opportunity - The 70-20-10 Rule suggests that 70% of your development is the result of having a challenging work assignment.  The challenge can contribute to your passion to grow professionally and can push the limits of your leadership capacity to a new benchmark.  How challenged are you in your current role?

5.  Intentional learning - This is 10% of the rule mentioned above. Investing in 360 degree feedback using research-based leadership development assessments provides insight into specific areas of leadership competency gaps that continue to get in the way of increasing your capacity.  That information provides the foundation to create a professional development growth plan to address the leadership competency non-negotiables that are in short supply...for the moment.  Will you open the door to 360 degree feedback from your reports, your peers, your supervisor?

6.  Accountable coaching - Inviting a leadership development coach as a member of your personal "leadership capacity team" provides a voice of accountability to monitor, measure, and manage your professional development growth plan.  Coaching will not only focus your efforts but also accelerate the development of your leadership capacity!  Why not get!  Let us know how we can help you take those next steps.