The Social Graces of Memorable Leaders

Posted by Dick Daniels on March 16th , 2012 in Memorable Leaders, corporate social graces, effective leaders, leadership development, soft skills

Six Simple Reminders
1.  Say "hello" to anyone.  The pecking order of organizational life is always in play.  We can treat people UP the pecking order differently than we may treat people DOWN the pecking order.  Why not just choose to be a friendly person with everyone...with anyone?  Just look at each person you see and say, "Hi."
2.  Ask more than you tell. 
Tellers dominate the conversations at work.  The assumption is that their story or their perspective is more interesting and important than others.  What if you developed the habit of only talking 49% of the time and listening 51% of the time?  Effective leaders are great conversationalists with a backlog of insightful questions.  Askers are the people you look forward to spending time with.
3.  Let your life speak for itself.  If you have the need to brag about the significance of your efforts or exaggerate the results of your work, then you diminish the value of whatever you have done.  Generally, learn to give the credit to others and be willing to take the blame.
4.  Complain behind closed doors.  We all have bad days when life throws its worst at us unfairly.  Why not focus on getting through those times when life sucks.  Challenges provide an opportunity to model how to fly above the fray rather than seek sympathy in the middle of the messiness of life.
5.  Find a reason to thank someone.  It is easier to catch people doing something wrong than doing something right.  What if you encouraged twice as often as you criticized? 
6.  It is the danger of the 15%
.  Some people can be right 85% of the time.  That is a powerful gift.  The danger is to conclude that you must be right 100% of the time.  You become relationally dangerous during the 15% of the time when you are not right...but you think you are.

Let's learn to lead more humanely, more humbly, more gracefully...