Additional Assessments

The Leadership Development Group offers a number of other assessments from the CCL that may be beneficial in addressing specific leadership development needs:

  • Executive Dimensions assesses top-level leadership behaviors.
  • Benchmarks measures the skills learned through development that are critical for success, and also points out possible career derailers.
  • Prospector assesses skills for learning and leading.

Self-Assessments are scored and interpreted by the individual completing the questionnaire. They provide immediate insight into leadership characteristics, how to use job assignments as opportunities to develop valuable skills, and preferred learning behaviors and styles:

  • Learning Tactics Inventory.
  • Job Challenge Profile.
  • Campbell Leadership Descriptor.
  • Campbell Interest and Skill Survey (CISS).

Team and Organizational Assessments provide insight into aspects of leadership and the work environment that impact workgroup performance. These assessments can help teams and organizations assess the climate for creativity and innovation, as well as identify strengths and weaknesses:

  • KEYS to Creativity.
  • Campbell Organizational Survey (COS).
  • Campbell-Hallam Team Development Survey.
  • Campbell-Hallam Team Leader Profile.

Please contact the LDG Office for more detailed information on the assessments, the costs for implementation, or resource materials.