The Leadership Gap Indicator

This new tool assesses managers' opinions about their leadership development needs. Team members assess the relative importance of 20 leadership competencies for success now and in the future. They also assess the ability of their peer group to perform these competencies. By identifying any gap between today's skills and those required for future success, companies will have the information needed to begin making plans for a strategic leadership development initiative. The survey offers a detailed report of key findings for your company. This information is then used to establish a data-based strategic plan for developing the leadership skills needed for future success.

The Leadership Gap Indicator was designed at the Center for Creative Leadership as part of a major research initiative intended to explore the concern that essential leadership skills are lacking in the business world. The study was conducted between 2006 and 2008, and surveyed 2,670 managers from 15 organizations in 3 countries. The results of the study indicate that crucial leadership skills are insufficient for meeting current and future needs in companies. The Leadership Gap Indicator is customizable and Web-enabled. Outcomes include:

  1. Discovering the specific leadership skills essential to the success of your organization
  2. Identifying the strengths of skills and perspectives among current leaders
  3. Recognizing the gaps that need to be addressed
  4. Understanding factors that impede success and derail careers
  5. Areas to consider for individual developmental planning