Executive Coaching

Executive coaches are the catalyst for guidance and accountability in meeting the benchmarks identified in a team member's Professional Development Plan. The coach, the team member, and their sponsor within the organization work collaboratively to help the team member master the competencies needed to close the gap in reaching their leadership capacity. Seven  building blocks define the coaching sequence:

  1. The Assessment - Objective data from assessment tools and 360 degree feedback provide the foundation for a development agenda.
  2. The Goal - Identifies the specific competency gaps to be addressed.
  3. The Professional Development Plan - Using the Leadership Development Group’s Think, Talk, Act, Reflect model.
  4. The Benchmarks - Specifying the outcomes that identify benchmark achievements in each competency area.
  5. The Outcomes - A description of how the knowledge and skill gained will be applied in their current role.
  6. The Review - the coach, team member, and organizational sponsor will review on the measures that were identified and collected as part of the Professional Development Plan process.
  7. Next Steps - the agenda for sustainable competency development will be agreed upon including the next phase of goals to be addressed, the anticipated obstacles, and the resources needed.