Leadership Development Coaching

The coaching sequence describes the process for high potentials, emerging leaders, developing leaders, and strategic leaders. Executive coaching is the catalyst for guidance and accountability in meeting the benchmarks identified in the client's Individual Development Plan.

The coach, client, and organizational sponsor work collaboratively to provide the resources needed to help the client master the competencies needed to close the gap in maximizing their leadership capacity. Seven building blocks define the coaching sequence.

  1. Assessment - Objective data from research-based assessments and 360 feedback provide a foundation for the developmental agenda.

  2. Alignment - Identifying the specific leadership competency gaps and/or leadership behavior gaps to be addressed. The coach, client, and sponsor meet to finalize the list of three or four focus areas.

  3. Individual Development Plan - Describing the what, why, and how for each focus area.

  4. Benchmarks - Specifying the outcomes that indicate benchmark achievements in each focus area.

  5. Outcomes - Indicating how the knowledge and skill gained will be applied in the client's current or anticipated role.

  6. Review - Reflecting on progress in closing the competency and/or behavior gaps identified in the Individual Development Plan.

  7. Next Steps - Assessing the next phase of sustainable competency development including goals to be addressed, anticipated obstacles, and the resources needed.

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