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Hardwiring New Leadership Habits
Written By Dick Daniels

By The Book

HARDWIRING NEW LEADERSHIP HABITS wrestles with a question many organizations are asking today: Does development develop? Follow the fictional story of the CEO of Global Organization Resources, Inc. and her executive team on their three-day strategic offsite meetings. As the story develops, the CEO leads her team through a forty-five-day study to follow the money and determine the importance of employee development as a core value in their organizational culture. Dick Daniels adds his author insight to the team’s analysis of what is needed to hardwire new leadership habits. An initial focus on the sustainability of new leadership habits ultimately leads to answer the question: Does development develop? This book provides a measured discussion guide for executive teams in any organization as they evaluate their current and future commitment to create a development culture that invests in the productive potential of every employment.

Dr. Dick Daniels

Dick Daniels is a leadership strategist with a passion to help unravel the complexities of developing engaged leaders at every level in any organization. He hosts The Leadership Development Group on Linkedin Groups with nearly 30,000 global leadership practitioners sharing best practice insights on leadership development.

  • Daniels’ first book, Leadership Briefs: Shaping Organizational Culture to Stretch Leadership Capacity, won both national and regional book awards: Reader Views – Reviewers Choice Award and The Midwest Independent Publishing Association.
  • Dick also contributed a chapter on Leadership Musings in the annual Building Bridges series from the International Leadership Association, Leadership and Power in International Development: Navigating the Intersections of Gender, Culture, Context, and Sustainability. This volume was awarded the 2019 R. Wayne Pace Human Resource Development Book of the Year Award by the Academy for Human Resource Development.
  • The second resource from the Leadership Development Group written by Dr. Daniels is Leadership Core: Character, Competence, Capacity. Want to lead at higher levels of organizational complexity? Then keep developing your leadership character and leadership competency…simultaneously!
  • In addition, Daniels published a children’s picture book in 2019 titled Oak Street Tree House: The Day They Messaged God, featuring his treasured grandchildren as the neighborhood characters. It also won 2019-2020 national and regional awards for the Early Reader category (6-8 years): Illumination Book Awards and Reader Views – Reviewers Choice Award. The sequel will be released in 2021.

Dr. Daniels is the Vice President of Consulting Services for Right Management Florida & Caribbean. He is an Adjunct Professor at Stockton University in New Jersey teaching an annual course on Leadership Ethics in the EdD program in Organizational Leadership. He serves as a Facilitator with the Chief Executive Network and is Founder and President of The Leadership Development Group. Daniels is a Board Member of Hodos Institute providing leadership development initiatives throughout Eurasia. Hodos translated Leadership Briefs into Russian as a resource for their work in the Ukraine and Russia.

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