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Five Strategies to Build Your Leadership Culture

The Leadership Development Group's expertise is in team facilitation and executive coaching. We will assist your company in the implementation of each of the five key strategies:

STRATEGY 1. Read and discuss the concepts in Leadership Briefs, Leadership Core, and Hardwiring New Leadership Habits with your executive team to internalize the value and requirements of initiating a leadership development culture. Invite a member of our team to spend a day with your team to determine how to translate your vision into a new reality.

STRATEGY 2. Our team will work alongside your executive team to complete a Corporate Review. This strategy creates a distinctive Leadership Competency Profile reflecting your strategic business outcomes and corporate values.

STRATEGY 3. Implement an ongoing series of L.E.A.D. Forums (Leaders Encouraged And Developed) for active learning and on-the-job application of the core skills identified in the organization's Leadership Competency Profile.

STRATEGY 4. Create a leadership development pathway for emerging leaders to move from a talent pool into a leadership pipeline for capacity building and succession planning.

  • Assess & Reflect. Use research-based assessments to identify the leadership competency gaps for individual team members in light of your company's Leadership Competency Profile.
  • Learn & Apply. Create a Professional Development Plan to enhance the leadership capacity of each high-potential team member equipping them to lead at higher levels of organizational complexity.
  • Influence & Action. Engage coaches to to help emerging leaders do scenario planning in the application of micro-learning resources. Coaching accelerates the development of leadership capacity in each team member. Leadership Development...

STRATEGY 5. Determine the most effective way to start building a leadership development culture in light of your existing priorities and resources.

  • Train. Let the Leadership Development Group equip your team to build an internal leadership development initiative.
  • Consult. Let the Leadership Development Group collaborate alongside your team to fill in any organizational gaps needed to offer a comprehensive process of developing emerging, mid-level, and senior leaders.
  • Outsource. Let the Leadership Development Group do it all for you until you are ready to continue on your own.

Contact the Leadership Development Group to discuss and develop your strategy to shape your organizational culture to maximize leadership capacity.

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