Leadership Briefs Book

Shaping Organizational Culture to Stretch Leadership Capacity
Written By Dick Daniels

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Leadership Briefs challenges leadership practitioners to:

1. Shape an organizational culture that accelerates the development of emerging leaders needed for business expansion and succession planning, and...

2. Stretch the leadership capacity of existing leaders by identifying competencies needed in current roles to more effectively and efficiently achieve anticipated outcomes.

The culture challenge is to identify the competencies that uniquely define the leadership profile of the organization and assess leaders against that profile.

The Assess, Learn, and Grow model articulates the pathway to move from vision to reality. Leadership Briefs is written for the sustaining leader who is looking for practical insight and applicable solutions that can be implemented immediately to solve these leadership challenges.

  • Practical and People-centered’ are the words that describe Leadership Briefs. This work is comprehensive and it puts a human face on the subject. It is your personal guide on how to lead as if people matter, including such important topics as corporate culture, character building, and developing emerging leaders.” I recommend reading a brief per day. And when you finish, you will need to start all over again.

    Dr. Richard L. GathroDirector, Washington DC Program, Pepperdine University, Washington D.C.
  • I could have used this book 30 years ago—and saved myself and my team members from unnecessary leadership pain! Every chapter begs to be discussed and implemented in a weekly staff meeting. The chapter on delegation is worth the price of the book. I’ve already borrowed his memorable outline: Think, Talk, Act, and Ask. Brilliant!

    John PearsonPresident of John Pearson Associates Inc., and Author of Mastering the Management Buckets, San Clemente, California
  • Leadership in the military is forged through a series of crucible events from the moment one enlists or is commissioned and lasts until one retires from service. Leadership Briefs is significantly applicable in helping understand the dynamics of leadership and the challenges of being an effective leader at any level within a military or civilian organization. Leadership Briefs provides a useful framework for anyone to better understand their leadership capability as well as the importance of creating a culture where their leadership style is most effective.

    Major Aaron D. KrenzMinnesota National Guard, Cottage Grove, Minnesota
  • Over the years I have greatly appreciated the work of Dick Daniels and his Leadership Development eLetters. The content has been profound but presented in an easy-to-reference and easy-to-read format. Each letter has been intensely practical. More than leadership ideas and philosophy, Dick provides insightful and tested principles and practices that work. In addition to taking them to heart, I have passed on the letters to leaders in other organizations. I am excited about Leadership Briefs.

    David VeermanChief Creative Officer, Livingstone: The Publishing Services Division of Barton-Veerman Company, Wheaton, Illinois
  • In short order, Daniels covers a broad array of leadership solutions! Leadership Briefs is on target and gives actionable strategies for becoming a trusted leader. Daniels’ principles will help leaders become more successful.

    David HorsagerAuthor of national bestseller, The Trust Edge, speaker, consultant, and CEO Horsager Leadership Inc., St. Paul, Minnesota

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Dr. Dick Daniels

Dick Daniels is the president of the Leadership Development Group. An entrepreneurial founder of three organizations, he is a leadership strategist with a passion to help organizations unravel the complexities of developing engaged leaders.

Daniels' Assess, Learn, and Grow model assists companies in the design of structures and systems that accelerate leadership development for emerging and seasoned leaders. He is an executive coach with Robert Gregory Partners and has also led a CEO Round-table that met one day a month for four years to address shared leadership challenges.

The Leadership Development Group on Linkedin's Groups is hosted by Daniels with more than 17,000+ global members sharing best practice insights on strategic leadership development topics. He is a member of the Center for Creative Leadership's Leading Insights Online Panel as well as the Harvard Business Review Advisory Council, an opt-in research community of business professionals.

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