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The Leadership Development Group specializes in group facilitation for team building, team strategic planning, and culture transformation. In addition, we offer training workshops on specific topics that can lead to individual coaching in related leadership competency or leadership behavior gaps.

The learning forums on core competencies are designed to expand the leadership capacity of your targeted employees and build a learning culture throughout your company.

Each forum will incorporate our four expressions of adult learning styles: Think, Talk, Act and Reflect. Learning Forums provide an opportunity to open the door to any employee who has the personal drive for professional development. Forum participation can identify an emerging leader who had not yet been considered in other talent management activities.

The Clifton StrengthsFinder is the assessment tool used to identify individual strength themes. Gallup research indicates that only 17 percent of the workforce believe they use all their strengths on the job. This learning module introduces the research-based approach to strengths-based companies where leaders focus on team development and the individual contributions of team members.
Communication is the significant driver in successful organizations. Leaders learn to access every means of clear and consistent communication to keep each employee aligned with the vision, mission, values and strategy. This module introduces a communication matrix to enhance the competence of leaders as relentless communicators who can share ideas in a way that make sense at every level of the organization.
Effective leaders learn how to translate vision into realistic business strategies. Critical components of corporate planning include: the ability to envision the future, think strategically, manage risk, and the flexibility to plan for contingencies. In this session leaders learn how to: stay focused on the long-term objectives, execute the strategic steps to achieve those objectives, and engage all stakeholders throughout the entire process.
Change management too often focuses on operations rather than the people who create the culture of the organization. Leaders know that change is a reality. They choose to view it positively while managing the natural resistance to change of some team members. This module will introduce leaders to a change strategy that involves others in the planning and the execution of those plans. The leadership challenge is to effectively facilitate organizational change while managing the transition that impacts team members in various ways.
Collaboration moves from a hierarchical organizational framework to a networking model of connecting employees across departmental boundaries. A recent study at the Center for Creative Leadership found that 9 percent of senior executives indicated collaboration is a key factor in organizational success. However, only 47 percent believed that the leaders in their organization were skilled collaborators. This module helps each leader identify his or her network and plan for the kind of collaboration that leads to best practice innovation, improved operational efficiency, and enhanced productivity.
Knowing how to engage team members is essential to employee development and the achievement of business priorities. Leadership styles offer different approaches to direct, motivate, and communicate with team members. This session trains leaders how to delegate work assignments, connect each assignment to the company's vision, and recognize and reward the contribution of each team member. An understanding of leadership and followership is foundational to the development of each employee and the successful achievement of shared priorities.
The process of making the right decisions is the work of great leaders. Determining priorities, accessing critical information, calculating risk factors, and being decisive contribute to timely execution and implementation. Leaders must continually balance the delicate relationship between task and people. This session helps leaders learn how to be certain they have a comprehensive picture of what is happening at any given moment. Asking the right questions of all the key stakeholders, while maintaining a willingness to adjust the final decision, is a critical leadership skill.
Conflict is often avoided among team members. When it does occur, it can end up being destructive to individuals, teams, and the achievement of strategic business priorities. Leaders learn, however, that trust builds a climate that affirms conflict as part of the process leading to increased productivity. Fair rules of engagement, as well as consensus on how to come to resolution in the midst of conflict, are critical skills of successful leaders. This learning module begins with an affirmation of the value of conflict, and then proposes a constructive strategy for conflict as a normative part of team life.
Emotions drive the environment of the workplace positively or negatively. Emotionally smart leaders train every team member to become more aware of their own emotions and how to manage those emotions in every interpersonal encounter.
Leaders have the challenge of managing four different generational groups in the workplace on a daily basis. Each group has its own distinct characteristics, values, attitudes toward work resulting from its generation's life experiences. Generational differences can affect everything including: recruiting, building teams, dealing with change, motivating, managing, and productivity. Understanding, appreciating, and communicating are foundational to mixing and managing four differing groups of employees.

Please contact The Leadership Development Group office for more detailed information and prices on any of the Core Competency Learning Modules. Additional topics are being added to our Forum list and are available upon request.

Please contact The Leadership Development Group office for more detailed information and prices on any of the Core Competency Learning Modules. Additional topics are being added to our Forum list and are available upon request.

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